Ghosts of Chemistry Past

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Ghosts of Chemistry Past

My Name is Albert Einstein, I was born in March 14, 1879

Albert Einstein was born in Wurtemberg, Germany

He worked on his theory of relativity, then on his unfield theory wich explains gravitation, subatomic phenomena and electromagnetism.

He went to the school of Rotterdam Academy Germany and his doctoral advisor was Alfred Kleiner.

His great contribution was quantum chemistry the predictions of chemical reactions. He also explained the photoelectric effect and the particle nature of light. He could use the properties if a liquid to find out the size of the molecules inside of the liquid. This is how Quantum Chemistry was born.

He received the nobel prize in physics and the Matteucci Medal in 1921; the Copley Medal in 1925; the Max planck Medal in 1929; and the Time Person of the Century in 1999.

He died in April 18, 1955.

Einstein´s Professions:He was first a physics teaher at ETH high school in Zurich, then he obtained his doctorate. He wrote many papers explaining physics and science.



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