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Ghost of Now

Ghosts of NowBy:  Joan Lowey Nixon

Angie is shy strong, brave,detirmened, and inspiring!

Examples of Angies traits In the beginning of the book Angie is this shy young women that just moves into a new town in Texas with her brother and her mom and dad and she is pretty shy trying to make new friends and fitting in and then something terrible happens and her brother is supposedly in a hit and run accident and he is in a coma. Angie says that she will not stop until she finds who did this to her brother. She showed determination when she started knocking on doors of the town and started interrogating neighbors about if they knew anything about what happened to her brother. She also shows bravery when there is this creepy house called the Andrews house.She shows bravery when she goes into the house and tries to find clues about what happened to her brother but instead she finds stolen items instead and I guess that is kinda a clue

"I will find who did this to my brother."

Jeremies poemI grab at stars,sweeping my hand across the heavens hanging onto sharp chunks of hope that cut my palm carefully, eagerly I pry open my fingers and find I have captured only slivers of darkness

Jeremies Charecter traits.I didn't know much about his traits because he was in a coma but I do know that he didn't really like his life and he was kinda lier. His personality is also kinda weird because in the beginning of the book he was really nice and nice to Angie but that one night when he was walking out the door to go somewhere you knew right away he was hiding some things and hiding some things kinda dark.

Del's Charecter TraitsNow we know a lot about and we know now that he kinda had a thing for Angie. He was really confident i think I would call him a people person because he’s not afraid to go up to a new kid like Angie and say hi and make a friendship pretty quick. He was also kinda mysterious and showing up everywhere like the Andrew's house and always kinda hovering and trying to hang out with Angie at all times. He reminds of thoughs creepy guys who you always find out that he had a unhealthy feelings for you and stalking you.


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