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Social Studies
Jewish History

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The form "ghetto" originated from the name of the Jewish quarter in Vience.

Survivor Story.

The biggest ghetto group was the Warsaw ghetto. It was located in Poland, Which is in located in Central Germany.

Living a life in a ghetto wouldn't exactly be the best or most comfortable place. Also, living in a ghetto, you were known an you were pushed around by Germans since they knew pretty much everything about you and what you had been doing too.

Factorial Link.

Not only did the Jews have to wear badges to show they were Jewish, they had badges or small marks on thier badge to show they were in a ghetto so the Germans would know.

Ghettos are city districts in which Germans had taken control over. About 300,000 Jews were killed in the Warsaw ghetto. Police deported about 265,00 to the Treblinka Killing Center and 11,580 to forced labor camps. More than 10,000 Jews were murdered during the deportation. Only about 35,000 Jews were granted permission to reamain in the ghetto,but about 20,000 went into hiding.



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