Ghent, Belgium

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Ghent, Belgium


I chose this town, because it is a beautiful, and sophisticated place to be. It is located in Eastern Belgium.

And this is the Hotel Verhaegen, which you can stay in for 185.00€ at MINIMUM per night.

This is the NH Ghent Belfort, a five star hotel you could stay in for 109.00€ at MINIMUM per night.

You can go to a cafe called Julie's House, and eat macarons (NOT the same as macaroons) similar to the one in the image to the left. They also serve waffles :)

To get to/travel around Ghent, you could go by train, bus, bicycle, boat, car, plane, or even by foot. The place in the image to the right is one of the Canals of Ghent.

Something you can do would be to visit a castle called the Gravensteen, which means "castle of the count".

By Nadine O.


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