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Social Studies

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Facts - Capital: Accra-3 major cities: Kumasi, Selondi, Tema-Overall Population: 25,758,108-Life Expectancy: 61 (male) 64 (female)-Language: mostly english each ethnic group has a different language Religion: more than 71% christian more than 17% muslim tradition belief: animism (gives inanimate objects a soul

Ghana(Republic of Ghana)

Current Map

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The Fin-fin Tree

Old Slave Trade Center

Christian Church

Facts - Government: muliparty democracy elections ' votes - Natural Resources: oil, gold, timber-Customs:-Curency: Ghana cedi (GHC)-GNI: $3,500

Current Events- Alhaji Inusah Fuseini spent 288 mil in Ghana curency on road construction roads are bad because there's no development- affects transportation also affects economy by not having any goods be able to be transported-Terrorism ' Ebola- Ghana and Kenya made an agreement to work together to help stop terrorism and ebola. -terrorism because terrorist groups want to impose their will important because make people feel insecure

Customs/Traditions- Farming Day: prizes are handed out to farmers and farming equipment goes on sale for this day- Independence Day: there are government events, but most people take the day off and go to beaches or other places- Eating: Elders are served first. Children may eat seperate from adults. A burp after shows that the meal was good


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