Ghana Empire

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Ghana Empire


TradesSince there were a lot of miners, gold was the major good that was exported. Gold came from the south from a forest region between the niger and senegalSalt was also traded in large quantities because West Africa lacked salt, on the other hand, there were plenty of salt in the Sahara desertCurrency and BankingThese were mostly gold nuggets, dust, and salt. Arab and berber traders usually brought salt to trade, and African traders brought gold.

TransportationBerber nomads had to use camel caravans to travel and transport across the desert (camels could travel further distance because it does not need a lot of water)

Trade Routes of the Ghana Empire Trans-Saharan Trade Route

Ghana Empire (830 AD - 1235 AD)

Map of Ghana Empire

Daily Life -majority of the people worked as farmers, miners, and artists-made beautiful clothes with intricate designs-story telling of ancient myths were popular-days ended with happy thankful songs and feasts-Life between city dweller and a ‘normal’ person very different -city dweller had more luxurious life/goods

Modern Day Ghana

Min Soo Jeong

Art works of Ghana


Spread of Religion and IdeaIslam spread to Ghana due to trade with North Africa. At the end of 11th century, muslim advisers were helping the king run his kingdom. However not everyone accepted Islamic beliefs but all wanted to keep their animistic beliefs, since they considered spirits living in animals, plants, and natural forces play an important role in daily life.

Political and Social StructureThere was a king who controlled trade, commanded the army, and demanded tax from his chiefs. The king has all the power, and was the head of bureaucracy. Only the king had the right to own gold nuggets, the currency used in ancient Ghana. Below the king, the chiefs ruled over their people. Ghana's African ruler acted as a religious leader, chief judge, and a military commander


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