Gettysburg day 1

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Gettysburg day 1

Gettysburg day 1

On July 1st of 1863 in Gettysburg Pennsylvania the battle of Gettysburg began. The battle was an unexpected disaster neither side had planned the battle. This was a major turning point for the union. There were a lot wounded and many casualties. The Confederate army took the most casualties making this fight to be a major turning point in the war.On the first day of the battle not much fighting took place, not all of the army was there from either side. It looked like the Confederacy was going to win at first because they had twice as many men as the union in the beginning of battle. But the Union had new repeating rifles that reloaded faster than the Confederacy’s muskets. The Union army positioned itself along wood fences on a Ridge. These men were one of the first units to enter the area. They were able to hold off the Confederate army until more Union troops could arrive. The Confederates were not prepared for the new rifles and they were forced to retreating. After a short retreat they got together and began an attack. The union was forced to retreat and Gettysburg had fallen to the confederates for the day.

General George Gordon Meade was just elected to be general. He was elected three days before the battle. But when a messenger came into his tent and said you are chosen to be general he tried to say no. But he had no way out of it. But when the men heard the news they said “what’s he ever done”.



What Happened?

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General Robert E. lee was the confederate general. His dad was a war hero. That served to stretches in prison. But after a riot where he was injured. He boarded a boat and the family never saw him again. So Robert E. lee had to take care of his ill mom. So he decided to join the army and moved up in rank quickly.




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