Getting to the fields

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American History

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Getting to the fields


when people wanted one of the fastest ways to get to california they took ships. durring the gold rush ships were in high demand but some of the ships were rotted and the routes they took were very dangerous

If you were to go to the gold fields you could go over land. leaving this way would require very careful planning and you needed to leave durring spring. if you left too early your animals wouldnt have grass to eat and if you left too late you would get caught in early snow. some people who went this way died of many differant sicknesses and things such as cholera, snakebites, native Americans and more. while taking this way the americans wanted to go with big companies or go in big groups. when traveling the miners took many dangerous short cuts.

Panama Route

The fastest over sea route was the Panama Route. You would need to sail to Panama walk across teh jungle and wait for a ship on the west coast. although this was the fastest and shortest route it was very dangerous and there were many problems. some of the problems were that they had to wait for a ship, murder robberry and sickness.


A. It was not easy and or safe to go find goldB. Even though there were so many hardships and difficulties minors from all over the world still continued to comeC. Gold was very important

Getting to the feilds

Cape Horn

when going around cape horn the ship that went around Cape Horn went from the East Coast, around the tip of south Africa and then to the north or San Francisco. this was one of the most dangerous routes, ships would crash in to rocks and sink , it took 6-8 months. but C. for people who needed supplies from the Pacific Coast this was a good way to go.

Sea routes


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