Getting to Know You Quilt - Extra Credit - Art 8

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Getting to Know You Quilt - Extra Credit - Art 8

Some Quilting History

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1) Create your "quilt piece" on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper (size of computer paper)2.) On the front of the piece, write your FIRST NAME, nice and large3.) After you have your name written on the front, fill in the surrounding area (around your name) with images of your interests -- they must be school appropriate! Tell me about yourself :)4.) Fill in the front of the paper with images of your interests and be sure to color it in; you may draw or find images from magazines/web5.) Once the piece is finished, webmail me a colored copy of your artwork6.) I will be creating a "Class Quilt" once everyones creations have been received

* It’s a new semester and we are all new to one another* I want to learn some interesting information about my students to get to know them a bit better* For this first extra credit opportunity, I would like you to create your own piece to a quilt…

Extra Credit #1Art 8"Getting to Know You Quilt Piece"Due: 2/26/16

Quilt Piece Examples

Extra Credit Requirements

Please follow these directions when completing your "Quilt Piece"...

This is worth 10 extra credit points. Please follow all directions.


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