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Getting to Know Me

Hello, I'm Olivia! I'm a writer at heart, but I've never been any good with introductions or talking about myself. I guess I'll start by telling you a little bit about my interests and hobbies! I really love dogs - more than I can even say. They're just so innocent and sweet and full of love. I just recently lost my best friend since 3rd grade, my Great Dane Roxy. I'd consider myself an amateur photographer. I really enjoy taking pictures, and I can actually take some really amazing ones with just my iPhone.I love the Japanese language and culture, I actually study the language on my own time through a program called FluentU, amongst other things - I hope to become a Japanese to English translator one day. I love the outdoors - whether it's just a stroll around the neighborhood, or a full-blown hike/bike ride, you can bet I'm for it!Fitness and health is really important to me. This might seem like a silly, or even random thing to add, but I'm a super picky eater, so that's something I've been trying to work on! (Japanese cuisines help a lot).And lastly, I love poetry - writing it comes as easily to me as Christians to church on Sunday morning. (See what I did there?)

About Me

I'm going to let you guys in on a pretty significant part of my academic career, so feel special if you'd like. I was expelled my Sophomore year, and I quite literally thought that was the end for me. I was already terrible in most of my classes, and I didn't really care about anything- and here they'd just given me a free vacation from it all; or so I'd thought. Not long after, my mom got a call from the expulsion program, asking when I was going to come in to get all set up. I thought to myself, "Seriously? More school?", my free pass to be lazy had just been ripped away from me! How devastating, right? Well, not really - thanks to the teachers here, I went from skating by with C's, to passing all my classes with A's. I hadn't been a straight-A student for years, so it was pretty refreshing for me, to be honest. So here I am now, my senior year of highschool, with a GPA that skyrocketed from a 2.1 to a 4.0 - to say the very least, I'm proud of myself. Anyways, if you actually read all of this, then you know about some of the most significant things in my life - well, for the moment, at least :)

Getting to Know Me

My Best Friend

My Favorite Photo

My Face! :)

This photo was taken summer of last year I think, and it was right from my back patio. I think Colorado definitely has some of the most beautiful sunsets of all - this is just one out of many sunset photos I've taken!

This was my Great Dane, Roxy. One of the kindest, and most gentle souls to ever walk this Earth, in my opinion. She passed on December 1st last year, but she's still always here with me. ♡


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