Getting the Word Out about Glogster EDU

by msschultz
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Getting the Word Out about Glogster EDU

Come experience a double-blocked session exploring the free, online educational program called Glogster EDU! It is a multi-modal technology format useful for student reinforcement of concepts across all content areas. In Session 1, participants learn how Glogster has been utilized with students at the Juvenile Detention Center School Program to create online, interactive collages and posters displaying core content knowledge. The presenters will share student final project examples. In Session 2, with assistance as needed, all participants are given the opportunity to learn the Glogster program first-hand and develop their own projects to share with others. Come join the fun!

Getting the Word Out About

Glogster EDU

Below are dates of conferences and trainings where my colleague and I have shared information about Glogster EDU with other teachers. Hope more will come soon!

Leadership ConferenceOctober 1, 2010

Collaboration & Glogster EDU TrainingNovember 3, 2010

Fun way to engage our students!

Excellent information to "wow" our students!

Great tool for presentations!

A colleague and I presented information on how we use Glogster EDU with our students to principals of juvenile detention centers in Virginia.

A principal from the Leadership Conference was so impressed with our work on Glogster EDU, she asked us to present to her teachers.

Nontraditional School ConferenceFebruary 18, 2011

Click on the paperclip to see a Thank You letter written by the coordinator & Exit Survey Forms from the conference.



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