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How would you like one of yer own soldiers bursting down your fancy carved doors and takin' all your food that the cooks have made for ye'? I betcha you wouldn't like that very much. We work hard for the food on our tables only to have some of YOUR own soldiers who claim to be "policing" our towns scarf down the whole lot. That my friends, is not acceptable. This is a violation to our right of privacy here in these colonies and I simply will not tolerate it! This is unfair and unjust to our liberty, even as settlers! We would like our privacy returned to us thank you very much.


I'll spell it out for ya' George. 1. You get rid of this Quartering Act of yours.2. You quit puttin your soldiers in our property.3. You leave us colonies alone, we'd do fine, or even better with out you and your acts as Mr. Paine says.What I’ve already said is enough. Our militias are ready for a fight; they know what they have to defend. We’ll send another petition and ask you to accept in a couple of weeks.It is essential that you accept it, the fate of our liberty lies in your decision.

In conclusion...You King George III. You need to change this. Repeal those acts of yours, every one of em'! My town is just aching to get their hands on some of those red coats of yours and I don't think you'd be to happy bout' that. So, take em' off our property, tell them to quit eating our food, and I'll call the people off em' for ya. All you have to do is tell them to stop. It ain't that hard now is it?

Repeal now or we'll show you how!

"Get off my land son!"A Revolt Against the Quartering ActBy: Isabel RodriguesPeriod 8, Social Studies


Here me loud and clear my fellow colonists! This "King George the Third" can't control you! We are Americans! We will fight for ourselves! Don't let the Quartering Act get you down! You have clubs, use them! Organize yourselves! Form parties! Anything will help us stop this intollerable act!! This is an act of injustice! We should revolt, not stand around like a bunch of cowards in front of a gun!

You saw what happened in Boston. You know how much that cost you, and WE know how much that cost you. Why make us angry again when we can just make peace? But just in case you don’t realize this… As colonists of the New Hampshire Colony, we all agree to….1. Close our doors to any British soldier who happens to burst through.2. Protect our families and ourselves. As a result of this, any man who enters our homes uninvited is subject to death in honor of self-defense.




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