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Gerty Cori

Theory: Cori Cycle (movement of energy in body)Carl and Gerty Cori discovered Carbohydrate metabolism.Carbohydrate is glucose and the Coris discovered that the sugar in a living body breaks down into acid by the muscle cells. This gives the body energy.

Gerty Cori


Charles University in Prague

Biology and Chemistry

PERSONAL LIFE-Born on August 15, 1896 in Prague, Austria-Hungary.-Died on October 26, 1957 in St. Louis, MO-Went to college in Central Europe. (East of France)- Her father was a chemist and also created a method in refining sugar.


Gerty Cori mostly studied Biology. The study of life and living organisms. By cooperating with her husband, Carl Cori, they developed the Cori Cycle which explained their analyzation on Carbohydrate Metabolism.

Gerty Cori was the first American woman to receive a Nobel Piece Prize in Science.

Field of Study

IMPACTTheir method helped diabetics, because it was the first time anyone fully understood and explained the concept.

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Gerty and Carl Cori


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