Gertrude Weil

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Gertrude Weil

Gertrude Weil1879-1971

Weil's marker at the cross of James and Chestnut

"justice, mercy, [and] goodness were not to be held in a vacuum, but practiced in our daily lives." -Gertrude Weil

The Weil Family Home

Getrude Weil's actions proved that she really cared about the general well being and equality of all. She was greatly involved in women's suffrage, and was the president of the North Carolina League of Women Voters. She also became involved in the conditions of working children. Along with racial equality, Gertude Weil's different involments prove that her heart and intentions were to others, and not herself.

Click on Gertrude's home to see more pictures :)

Herman Park: Donated by the Weil Family


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