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This course covered a lot of information about the aging community in terms of health status, economics, and demographics. The area I am most interested in learning more of would be social environments for the elderly. I would like to know specifically what has been the most productive type of environment and what kind of standards are best to look for.

The information in this course made me think differently about my future profession. I am studying nursing and because of this course I am now aware of the changes our bodies go through as we age, such as decreased muscle strength. This information would be importatnt to me if I were over 75 because I would work to try to keep my strength by doing exercises and staying committed to a healthy lifestyle.



The importance of the new information I learned through this course is that in my future career there will be ample opportunity to utilize my knowledge. Whether in a clinical setting, educating other in the community, or in my personal life I believe the information I learned through this gerontology course is applicable for everyone. I can use what I learned now to help motivate my grandparents to keep exercising and eating right to avoid negative aspects of aging.



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