Gerontology Final Project

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Gerontology Final Project


Getting over the age of 75, this information would be very important to me because it is important to know the planning and options that are available to me. Using this information to make better health and financial decisions as I age will definitely assist me in having a better aging process.

Throughout the semester I have learned very much about the older population. From illnesses and physical activity to planning for retirement and housing options, understanding the planning and mindsets of the aging population is very important. An issue that I would like to know more about is the use of this population in the work force.

I will be working with this population in my future career, so understanding how to assist these individuals in any way that I can would be the greatest thing I could give to them. Understanding the options available for different situations and life moments will assist me in helping them plan and understand what they can change to create a better lifestyle and feeling of well-being.

I care about this because the majority of the population that I will be working with in my career will consist of this aging population. Understanding this information will also allow me to create a better lifestyle for myself and family. Having this knowledge in my professional career and in my own personal life will be highly beneficial when the time comes.

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