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Gero- 50


. Perspective towards aging. Practical understanding of application of theories of aging to real life.. Measures and policies we need to undertake to safeguard health and interest of our older generations.. Most importantly end of life issues.

Tanya FondekarUniversity of Indianapolis

Think Differently About

Reason I should care..

. Life comes in 3 phases of childhood, adulthood and old age. It is an inevitable phenomena that each of us go through.. Secondly, being in the health-care profession with an interest in geriatrics, it should be my topmost priority to understand the complex phenomena of aging..Lastly, this information would assist me in helping my grandparents and well as aging parents in their old age.

Importance to me...

Topic or Issue not covered

If I was 75 years the above mentioned things would be important to me as I would want somebody to understand what I am going through. I would want to still feel worthwhile and in control of what I decide to do with myself during my last days.Thus, knowing all my options and having a support system that understands the phase I am in would be very valuable to me at that age.. These concepts also helped me understand what I should expect from my mind and body as I age and how i should be prepared to tackle it.

. High priority health-care issues and their management.. Ergonomic modifications at home and work place.. Poly-pharmacy. Mental health and management.

Can use what I learn't about now or in future...

.The two things I can use now or in my future are the concepts that I learn't with regards to end of life issues and aging in place.. I can advice each of my patient's, parents, friends including me regarding the importance of a living will and durable power of attorney. This will give an upperhand to all my near and dear ones to decide what to do with their life in an emergency situation.. Secondly, I can work on the concepts of aging in place to help my parents and grand-parents as well patient's to modify their house so that they can age comfortably within the comfort of their homes.


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