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5- dry, dry your hands off and try not to touch anything else6-turn off the sink with a paper a towel, if you turn off the sink with a paper towel you're preventing germs from spreading back on your hands directly after you washed them

3- wash, did you know the act of scrubbing is what really gets the germs off4-rinse, well you know, if you don't rinse your hands off why wash in the first place huh ?

1-wet our hands, if you wet your hands it makes the germs looser and can fall off easier2-soap, soap isnt always needed but it is better to use it bacuse it gets more of the germs off

Wanna Keep The Germs Away ?

Here Are Some Easy Steps ..

Always remember how important it is to wash your hands to avoid getting any viruses !

Washing your hands is so important to you and everyone around you. It is one of the most important things you must remember to do :)



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