Germany's export and imports

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Germany's export and imports


FACT'S ABOUT GERMANYName: Germany.Capital: Berlin.Population: 81,147,265Area: 137,847 sq mi.Language: German and English.Money: Euro(1 Euro= About $1.30 in canadian dollars)

Germany is found in Europe. This map shows you exactly where in Europe:

CLIMATEJanuary: 35 Febuary: 37 March: 46April: 56May: 66June: 72July: 75Augest: 74September: 68October: 56November :45December: 38

The Political System in Germany is: Federal Republic.

The three biggest cities in Germany are: Berlin- 3.502 million people Frankfurt- 691,518 million people and Hamburg- 1.731 million people.

What iteam's does Germany export and import?Germany export's and import's many different good's including:Export'sSteel, ship's, railroad's,trains, iron,ore,fuel,cars, trucks, robot's, oil, coal, milk,and oats.Import'sPotatos, veal, chicken,bread, cheese and fruit.

Germany is one of the world's most successful industrial nation's.

Wheat is Germany's main crop.

DID YOU KNOW?Germany produce's 77 million ton's of black coal a year!!

Natural ResourcesGermany has many different natural resources including: barly, wheat, rye, corn, coal, brown coal and timber.

HistoryOne of Germanys most importent events is World War 2.Who started World War 2?Adolf Hitler.What happend?Adolf Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews and rule the world and he wouid do anything to succeed.Did Hitler succeed?He almost succeeded, But when he attacked the USA, he split up his army and was deafeated.What countrys did Hitler take over?Hitler took over many countrys including: Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium,France, Denmark,Luxumberg, Greece,Norway, Western Poland and Germany.Was Hitler killed?There are many different theories on what really happend to Hitler. Some say he escaped to Switzerland to be with his wife, but others say that he commited suicide in Berlin.

List of Politacel Party's Christian Democratic Union Of Germany.Christian Social Union Of Bavaria.Social Democratic Party Of Germany.The Left.Alliance '90/The Greens.Alternative For Germany.Free Democratic Party.Free Voters.Pirate Party Germany.Human Environment Animal Protection.National Democratic Party of Germany.Family Party Of Germany.Ecological Democratic Party.Die PARTEI.

Joachim GauckPresident

Angela Merkelchancellor


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