Germany in WW II

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Social Studies
World War II

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Germany in WW II



Germany and Russia sign a nonaggression agreement; Germany invades Poland initiating WWII in Europe. Russia and Germany then agree to split Poland, and France and Britian declare war on Germany.


Germany in WWII

Hitler committs suicide, and Germany surrenders to the Western Allies and to the Soviets.

The Allies reach the German border. The Germans evacuate Greece, Albania, and Southern Yugoslavia. The Germans put an end to all organized resistance. In the Battle of the Bulge, Germany tries to reclaim Belgium and split the Allied forces along the German border. The Germans retreat.



Germany attacks Norway and Denmark, and some western European countries.Germany suffers loss at the Battle of Britain. Germany, Italy, and Japan sign the Tripartite Pact.





Germany and Italy sign a treaty of cooperation, creating the Axis power.

Germany takes over Austria, and Hitler agrees not to obtain any more land other than the Czechoslovak Republic.

Germany sends help to the Italians in North Africa. Germany continues to invade Yugoslavia and Greece. Afterwards, Germany invades Russia and overruns the Baltic States.

Germany is driven out of Moscow, Russia and soon after declares war on the United States.

Germany secures the Crimean Penninsula after making their way into Stalingrad. Germans and Italians are forced to retreat from El Alamein, Egypt.

Germany occupies Southern France. The German 6th army is trapped by the Soviet Union Troops, and Hitler forbids retreat for his troops that are trying to breakout. Survivors must surrender.

The Axis Powers surrender to the Allies and the North African campaign ended. The Germans established a puppet-facist regime under Mussolini after taking over Italy. Mussolini was freed from prison by German commandos.

The British and US troops land on the beaches of Normandy, France, oppening a second front to Germany. The German army group center was destroyed by the Soviets when they launched a massive offense in Belarus. The Germans except the surrender of the home army forces who are fighting in Warsaw.

War action in Germany for the first time.

Motivations:Germans were extreme nationalist and their pride had been destroyed after WWI. Hitler was an influential speaker and his speaches motivatedGerman citizens to follow him out of their depression.Hitler created a powerful empire with the hope of German citizens.