Germany Christmas

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Germany Christmas

Christmas in Germany

Dates in December

Advent 1st Sunday - Dec 24thSt. Nicholas Day - Dec 6thChristmas Eve - Dec 24thChristmas - Dec 25thNew Years Eve - Dec 31st

For Santa they have St Nicholas or (Der Nikolaus) or Father Christmas (Der Weihnachtsmann)

Krampus the companion of St Nicholas punishes misbehaved children on Christmas

Punishments Include-Hit you with birch rod right in the bum- Shake his chains until your ears go numb-Drown you in ink and fish out your corpse with a pitchfork

They have a holiday called Advent which spands from the first Sunday of December to Dec 24th. They take their advent calandars very seriously and I saw one online for $2000.

Like us they have Turkey and chicken but the most noteable is cookies with sixty recipes just for Christmas season.

Animation of Krampus

In Germany the most popular craft is the paper star it consists of about 40 steps and is made by them usually.

Germany is located in North Europe Next to Austria and Holland with a population of 82,652,256

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