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Germany by Nathan

Germany's GDP hit a record high in 2014 at $3,730,261. They also have a population of 80.62 million. Germany is known best for its beer, food, castles, and its connections to World War II. The most popular destination in Europe is Berlin one of the most fascinating capitals in Europe. Joachim Gauck is the leader of Germany now, but everyone knows Adolf Hitler the best who was the dictator of Germany from 1934-1945. He was also in charge of the Holacaust, which killed millions of Jews.

Important Events

Map of Germany



"One who wins without trouble it is just, "Victory" but one who wins with "Troubles" it is History!"-Adolf Hitler

Arcitectural castle

Germany sits at 53 degrees North and 13 degrees East. The capital of Germany is Berlin. It is the biggest city in Germany. The Rhine is also the largest river that carries most of Europe's cargo. Germany has a Ferderal government which consists of their Bicameral system. The vegetation zone is a deciduous forest. The climate zone is a very temperate climate zone.

Physical Features

Human Geography


9-1-1939 - Worl War II begins.9-2-1945- World War II ends.


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