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Germany & Music

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany in December of 1770. Beethoven started to go deaf at age 25, but he continued to write music!Beethoven is known for writing symphonies and sonatas. Beethoven died in 1827.


Dynamics: The volume or sound of a noteTempo: The quickness (allegro & largo) of a songTimbre: The tone or color of a sound - what makes two different instruments playing the same note sound different from each other

Maypole Dance

The capital of Germany is Berlin, which is also the largest city. Some of Germany's natural resources include uranium, coal, copper, and nickel. Over 100 Germans have been awarded the Noble prize in their field. Famous German composers include Johann Bach, George Handel, and Richard Wagner.

Lasting Impact

Because of Beethoven, composers today are now able to stretch the parameters of the music that they create.

Germany & Music



Beethoven's 5th Sympnony


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