Germany after WWI

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Germany after WWI

President: Ebert

This treaty was going to stop the war just if Germany signed it. Germany lost:*10% land*All of it's colonies*12.5% of population*16% of coal and 48% of iron* Its army was reduced to 100.000, no air force and navy reduced.*They had to accept blame and pay all reparations.

Germany had a revolution and became an unstable democratic republic. The Kaiser William abdicated.


Germany after WWI

The Treaty of Versailles

* Revolution was caused by the stress of people*Many ex-soldiers and civilans despised the new democratic leaders and came to believe that the heroic leader Field Marshall Hindenburg had been betrayed by weak politicians


* There was a national income of money. During the Weimar Republic also an Hyperinflation*Industrial production was about two-thirds of what it had been berofre WWI*War left 600.000 widows and 2m children without father. Most of the money the country had were for pensions


President EbertKaiser William


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