Germans under Nazi Rule

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World War II

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Germans under Nazi Rule

Introducing the 4-year plan to reduce the unemployment rate was an amazing idea as people were given the opportunity to recover from poverty. However, behind the good benefits, others suffer in Hitler's hand. People, mostly Jews, were contained in concentration camps to be tortured, killed and even use them for human experiments. Hitler took over education and wokers and Germans had minimum freedom of speech and actions. Overall, Nazi rule is frightening and not the environment I want to live in.

- Hitler caused fear in people by not having democracy, violence was used to force people to respect the Nazis. Concentration camps were set up to put people who are suspected of being anti-Nazi. People are tortured, discriminated, killed in Nazi camp and some are victims of human experiment. Living conditions were harsh and Nazis used to prepare soups cooked with human flesh for the prisoners. - Hitler restricted freedom and speech and made a policy to train young Germans to be Nazis and stay as loyal citizens. Nazi education restricted independent thinking.

~ opinion ~

~ positive aspects ~

- unemployment was reduced from 6 million to 0.3 million in 1939 by introducing the 4-year plans to make the country strong. Hitler introduced National Labour Service that hires unemployed peopleto build buildings such as schools, hospitals, highways, etc. This restored the confidence in greatness of Germany.- Hitler improved education with the help of the youth who helped to make young Nazis who were brave and strong. German girls were thought life-skills like how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, bear children and help provide for their family

~ negative aspects ~

the video shows how Hitler solved the problem of unemployment.

Germany under Nazi rule( 1934 - 1939 )

This photo shows how the publicadmired and respected Hitler as a leader.

The photo shows few of the victims of one of the concetration camps set up by Hitler.


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