German U-Boats

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World War II

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German U-Boats

German U-Boats

On January 31, 1917, the Germans declared that there would be unrestricted warfare with their U-Boats. When the Great War was declared, the United States wanted to be neutral. The Germans would torpedo commercial ships that belonged not only to the United States, but to other countries. This angered the United States and this is one of the reasons why the United States entered the war.

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At the start of the Great War, the Germans had twenty-nine U-Boats. In the first ten weeks of the war, the British had lost five ships. The first ship was hit by a self-propelled torpedo. Unrestricted submarine warefare was very successful, but later on they couldn't destroy a lot of the Allied supplies.

Wilhelm Bauer, inventor of the U-boat

The reason why the U-Boat campaign ended is because of the Armistice. The Armistice was an end to the Great War. Under the terms of the Armistice, the Germans were to expell their U-Boat Campaign.

A detailed plan of the ship

The Lusitania was an ocean liner, and was owned by the British. This ship was the biggest ship in the world at one point. This ship was shot by a torpedo from a German U-Boat. About 1,200 people were killed from this blast. Only six of the 48 life-boats on board were successfuly launched. 128 of those people were Americans. Most of the killed were either British or Canadians.


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