German Immigrants in Texas

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German Immigrants in Texas

German Immigrants in Texas

Language & Food

Music & Celebations


Famous People

Impact on Texas

When Germans settled in Texas they had no idea would come after. The German culture is still evident in many parts of Texas such as DeWitt, Bastrop, and Bandera.

The German language was widely spoken in central Texas, but it began to fade from use in the 1970s. They drank beer ate sausage, waltzes, polka bands, jalapeno peppers, and some barbecue.

German buildings in Texas were closely packed in groups in the shape of squares. They were built for mostly farming trademarked by dutch doors and cellars.

The one main person who contributed to the German immigration was Jahann Freidrich Ernst. Also known as "father of immigrants".

Culture & Geography

German immigrants settled in Texas counties such as Bandera, Bastrop, Comal, DeWitt, Goliad, Guadelupe, Kendal, Kerr, and Lee. Their culture is still evident in those parts of Texas today.

The German's held many celebrations. One mn one was Winedale and it's the first week of October, and they play bluegrass olk music. In addition, they hd The German Belt celebration and the Comanche fires (easter fires).


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