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German Culture

German CultureBy: Nalu K.

The German culture affects my daily life a whole lot even though i dont notice it. We say the lords prayer alomost everyday, or at least I do and that prayer relates to the germans and the english cukture. It also shows my true self because germans are really eager people and very competitive no matter what.

In Kindergarden they dont have to read. When they go on playgrounds all the parents huddle up and talk and they dont even watch theyre kids play. If they get hurt they just tell them to walk it off or shake it off. That shows how the parents tought there kids how to be tough and to walk off pain.

How do these lifestyles impact my daily life?

How did germans raise theyʻre children?

How German lanugage is conected to english language

German is spoken by about 95 million people worldwide, and is the official language of Germany, Austria and parts of Switzerland. English and German both belong to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. Because they are so closely related, they share many features. Furthermore, the English language is pervasive in German media and popular culture. It is not surprising, therefore, that many Germans learn English quickly and easily. However, there are a number of aspects of German that commonly interfere with the correct production of English.

The germans practice the lords prayer becuase christianity was everywhere and not only in the U.S . Germans Practiced this prayer becuase they were in a time in need and they needed healing and help.

Why does the German culture practice the Lord’s Prayer?

What are some similarities of the German culture and the Hawaiian culture?

How do these ethnicities migrate to Hawaii or the U.S?

Some of the German people who came to hawaii actually worked here in the sugar cane fields and the pineapple factories. They worked hard like the hawaiians and they had the same mind set. They wanted to be the best they can be.

There was a lot of immigration to hawaii for jobs and living here, and while people came over here they found love and mated with hawaiians to make children with both ethnicities.


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