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German Culture


Germany has a lot of different types of fish and wildlife to hunt. I’ve gone hunting and fishing a lot with my dad. There are carp, catfish, and perch in both Germany and the United States, but in Germany they have different types of fish than we do, and we have different types of fish than they do. In Germany they hunt deer, and here we hunt deer too. There are lots of laws about hunting in both Germany and the United States.

Germany has the bagpipe and the Alphorn. Not many people here play the bagpipe or the Alphorn. We play the guitar, banjo, fiddle, drums. We use pianos in songs and so do the Germans. Beethoven played the piano, and he used it to make his songs. He was from Germany. My dad listens to Beethoven almost every day at work.

There are many different kinds of foods in Germany and the United States. A lot of the foods we eat here were first made in Germany, like the wurst and pretzels. The pot roast is the national dish of Germany. Sauerkraut is something they like to eat, and they have it with a lot of things. Hot are really good, and they are from Germany. Germany made a lot of stuff including the hotdog. The hot dog was invented in Germany in 1487, and 427 Americans invented the hotdog bun. The country I am originally from made the hotdog, and I am thankful for it because I like eating hotdogs. I think it looks like fun to make pretzels.

In Germany they wear lots of types of clothes that we don’t. Germany has lots of green and red clothes. We wear lots of neon colors. The guys in Germany wear lederhosen. They have suspenders, and the pants are shorts. I think they look uncomfortable. I like to wear shorts and sports shirts.

In Germany they have soldiers, and I have relatives that are soldiers. We have 6 family members who fought for the United States. They were in World War 2, Korea, and Vietnam. Germany has 62,756 soldiers, and we have 1,105,301 soldiers in just our Army. If we ever get in a war against Germany, we would totally dominate. The US Army was founded 180 years before the German Army. We have been in 42 military engagements against other countries, and the German Army only has 8 against other countries.

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September 2014

By Reese Helms


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