German Concentration Camps~ Stefani & Amandas'

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German Concentration Camps~ Stefani & Amandas'

The German Concentration Camps was a prisons where the Nazi regime sent millions of people deemed dangerous or threatening including the disable, diseased and sick, Jews and other non-German minorities.

Treatment Treatment in concentration camps was brutal. Once you got to the concentration camp you were put in one of two groups, one of them being strong people that could work, and the other being weak people like the elderly, disabled, and children. The strong people were put to work as soon as possible and the weak were killed. people were often worked to death. They worked everyday with long hours no matter what the weather was like and constantly got beatings from the guards. Prisoners barely got any food, they usually got a peice of bread and weak soup, so they barely had enough energy to get through the day. Medical care didnt exist, the only medical treatment that existed was experiments on prisoners. The prisoners usually died in the hands of the doctor conducting the experiment. At night prisoners slept in barraks with a very thin blanket, if any. after their short rest over night they would have to wake up and restart the day all over. What a horrible life.

They had German Concentration Camps because at first they were punishment camps then they soon became notorious for horrific brutality.For exampl, people who had offended local Nazi party bosses and so on. Since the purpose of these camps was to terrorize would-be opponents of the regime, information about what went on there was allowed to get out.

Imagine waking up everyday and walking outside to see the world as if it were coming to an end. You would see people dying before your eyes and if you were lucky, you might have a slight chance of surviving.

Differences between labor camps and death campsDeath camps were where people were collected and sent to get killed and no exceptions were made. Labor camps were where people were collected and sent to work, the only people that were killed in labor camps were the elderly, disabled people, children, and people who were not fit to work. The prisoners at labor camps were killed in less harsh ways than at death camps.Similarities between death camps and labor campDeath camps and labor camps were similar in a couple of ways. For one they both killed people. Another thing is that they took in the same people. The last thing is that they sometimes used the same methods of killing.

German Concentration Camps

The way it was like in the German Concentration Camps was horrible and terrifying. The prisoners were made to toil to maintain the camp site. While the ones who were skilled like seametresses and blacksmiths, were put to tasks specially defined for them; the other able- bodied men and women were put to cleaning, kitchen work, and sexually exploited by the Nazi officers

The people who were in the German Concentration Camps German communist, socialists, social democrast, gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, Jewish people, Polish people, and people who were accused of socially deviant behavior.

The people who ran the German Concentration Camps were at first (until July 1934) run by the SA (Stormtroopers, 'Brownshirts') . Then in the mid 1934 they were run by the SS. Later the SS was also in charge of the 'Final Solution' and ran the extermination camps in Poland.



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