Geriatric Physical Therapy

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Geriatric Physical Therapy

Career OverviewAssist older population with mobilityMain conditions: osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, joint/hip replacementIncrease fitness levelsStrength, endurance, flexibilityPerscribe treatment planReduce pain and swelling Excersizes and manual techniquesPaperwork after each client

Educational RequirementsBachelor's degree: Biology, Pre-PT Doctorate of Physical Therapy (3 years)Specialization in GeriatricsClinical rotationsResidency (2-3 years)Private: $84,000Public: $24,000

Salary:Mean: $74,480Starting: $57,220Peak: $105,900Raises: work experience/education

Geriatric Physical TherapyMaria LevinaHES 172TCNJ

Certifications, Licensures, National ExamsNational Physical Therapy Exam: to become licensedMust be licensed in all statesTo specialize: pass board certification/examination in GeriatricsExam fee: $800Can be retaken following year if failedMin score of 500

Career SettingsInpatient: nursing homes, hospitals, home-health Outpatient: private practice, office visitsacute: daily caresubacute: less severe

Career AdvancementAdvance level of educationSpecializeAverage age: 39-42Average years: 17High-end of average: 21-30 yearsRetirement age: 52-70 years old

Continuing EducationRequired to keep licenseContinuing education classes and courses Through "Physical Therapy Connect"New technology, skills, treatmentsMedical world always changing, need to stay updated

Benefitsrewarding client relationship/make a difference in someone's healthsalaryjob securitymedical insurance and other benefits

Challengesinjury/risksGeriatric: older population runs risk of fallinglong educationcontinued education

Job placement:39% job demand increasedue to baby-boomer population


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