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The Gerenuk lives anywhere from the treeless plains of Tanzania to the dry deserts of Kenya and Somalia. They live in small groups.

By Ben Mulvey

1: Gerenuks are the only hoofed animals that can walk upright on there hind legs. 2: During the first week of its life, the baby Gerenuk hides in a bush and three or four times a day the mother comes to feed it and clean it so it gives off no scent for preditors.3: The Gerenuk is also known as the Giraffe-Gazelle because of its long thin neck.4: They don't eat grass.

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5: They are very teritorrial, so when other males enter their teritories, they will attack.

Gerenuks have long, thin necks. They have a small head and big eyes and ears. It is a mammal. It is 36 to 42 inches at the shoulder. It weighs 63 to 127 pounds. They have long legs, a flexible upper lip, thin nostrils, and a rough, curved tail. It has a muscular body, strong limbs, and a white belly. Only males have horns that are short and ringed. They have scent glands near their eyes that give off a scent to help communicate with other animals. They have other scent glands near their knees and feet.


Physical Characteristics


Here is a close up of a Gerenuk face.

To eat, Gerenuks stand on there hind legs and rest their front legs on the tree and use their long neck to reach their food (leaves, roots of a tree, and thorn bush leaves). They try to only eat the best plants. It has a small pointed muzzle to reach good leaves in thorn bushes without being pricked. They are herbivores.

Eating Habits


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