[2015] Sala McElroy: Georgia's State Symbols

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[2015] Sala McElroy: Georgia's State Symbols

Georgia's State Crop

Georgia's State Flag

Georgia State Symbols

Georgia's State Motto

Who Georgia isnamed after

Georgia's State Seal

Georgia's State Nickname

Georgia's state flag has 2 outer red stripes and 1 inner white stripe, with a blue square containing the state's seal, and was established in 2003.


Georgia's state motto is "Wisdom,Justice, and Moderation".

Georgia is named after King George II of England.

The statecapital of Georgia is Atlanta.

Georgia's state fruit is the peach. Georgia designated the peach as the official state fruit in 1995.

Georgia's State Fruit

Georgia's state nicknameis "The Peach State".

Georgia's state crop is the peanut. Georgia designated the peanut as the official state crop in 1995.

Georgia's State Vegetable

Georgia's state vegetable,the sweet vidalia onion, was apdoted in 1990.

Georgia's State Flower

In 1916, with the support of the Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs, the Cherokee rose was named the state flower.

Georgia's State Song

Georgia's state song is "Georgia On My Mind"by Ray Charles.

Georgia's State Insect

Georgia State Legislature approved the honeybee as the State of Georgia's official insect on April 18, 1975.

Georgia's State Tree

Georgia's State Bird

Georgia became the 4th state of the USA on January 2nd, 1788.

Georgia's state birdis the Brown Thrasher.

Georgia adopted the Live Oak tree as its officialstate tree in 1937.

Georgia is the 24th biggest state in the USA.

The states bordering Georgia are Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee.

Sala McElroy5th Period

The state seal has Georgia's Coat of Arms on it that has 3 columns, each representing the 3 branches of government (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial). The seal also has banners wrapped around the columns stating Georgia's state motto "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation." The seak was adopted by the state constitution in 1777.


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