Georgia's five Regions

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Georgia's five Regions

Coastal PlainWith its mild climate The Costal Plain has swampy wetlands in the South and flat pains in the North. This region is home to the Okefenokee swamp and Barrier islands which protect the coast of Georgia fromwind and water erosion. The soil is made up of limestone and clay making it great for growing many crops such as onions, rice, and watermelon. Pinetrees are used for paper, timber, and most importantly naval stores. This region also has Georgia's deep water ports used for importing and exporting. The major cities in the Coastal Plain are Savannah, Brunswick, Valdosta, and Albany.

Fall LineThe Fall Line was the prehistoric ocean shoreline ,but now is the divider between the Costal Plain and the Piedmont regions. As rivers such as the Savannah and the Chattahoochee, waterfalls are created. Hydroelectricity is created by the waterfalls which is why the texlie industy was developed here. Columbus, Macon, and Augusta are located in the areas where rivers meet the Fall Line. Kaolin, Georgia's most valuable mineral, is mined here aswell.

The Blue RidgeThe Blue Ridge is made up of montains with the highest elevation in Georgia it is no suprise that located here is the Appalachian Highlands and Brasstown Bald (highest mountain in Georgia). The soil is made of sandy loam (blend of and and organic matter) and Georgia's famous red clay.Its fertile farmland makes it a good place to grow many different crops and Hardwood forest of oak and hickery. The Blue Ridge's number one ecomomic activity is tourism. Danlonega is the major city located in this region.

Georgia's Regions By: Maya Murphy

Appalachian PlateauThe Appalachian Plateau also known as the T.A.G corner (where Tennese, Alabama, and Georgia meet)is flat with high elevation. It is home to the Lookout and Sand mountain wich are 100 miles long. The soil here is made up of limestone, shale , and sandstone making it good for growing corn and soybeans. Also located in this region is the only coal source in Georgia along with more hardwood forest.

PiedmontThe Piedmont ,with flatlands in the South and valleys in the North, is the the most populated region is Georgia. The soil type is made of sandy loam ,but mostly Georgia's famous red clay making it good farming land for wheat soybeans cotton, and many more. It is also has many hardwood forest with pine and large granite production.The Piedmont region has many job oppertunities and is the center for transportation in Georgia. Its major cities include Atlanta, Athens,Madison, and Milledgville.

Ridge and ValleyThe Ridge and Valley reigion consists of low open valleys and narrow ridges. The soil on the ridges is made up of shale and sandstone ,and in the valleys the soil is made up of limestone and clay. It has fertile farmland, pastures for cattle, and a strong textile industry. The Ridge and Valley is known as the ''Apple Capital'',and the major citiy Dalton is known as the'' Carpet Capital of the World.''


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