georgias beginnings

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Social Studies

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georgias beginnings

Click on the pictures of James Oglethorpe, Mary Musgrove, or Tomochichi to find out more about them.

Click here to watch a cool video about Georgia's Beginnings!

Georgia's Beginnings!2nd Grade

James Oglethorpe


Mary Musgrove

GPS: SS2H1: The student will read about and describe the lives of historical figures in Georgia history. a. Identify the contributions made by these historic figures: James Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, and Mary Musgrove (founding of Georgia).b. Describe how everyday life of these historical figures is similar to and different from everyday life in the present (food, clothing, homes, transportation, communication, recreation, rights, and freedoms).

After reading about Mary Musgrove, James Oglethorpe, and Tomochichi, pick one to write a summary on. Make sure it is free from capitalization and punctuation errors. Turn in to your teacher when it's finished. GPS: ELA2R4 The student uses a variety of strategies to gain meaning from grade-level text. The studente. Summarizes text content.


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