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Social Studies

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State Flag

State Map

State Song

Georgia's state flag was adopted on March 8, 2003. The flag includes two red stripes, and one red stripe. In the corner, there is a blue square with 13 rings around the state seal.

Georgia's state song was written by Stuart Gorrell. The state song was composed by Hoagy Carmichael. The song was adopted on April 24, 1979.

Empire State of the South

Atlanta is Georgia's state capital. It became the capital in 1837.

Atlanta, Georgia

State Seal

The state seal is composed by the words wisdom, justice, and moderation. These words are Georgia's motto.

State Flower

The state flower is the Rosa laevigata. It has white petals with a yellow center.

State Bird

The state bird is the brown thrasher. This bird has brown feathers with long talons. It also has a long beak with curious eyes.

The honey bee is Georgia's state insect. The honey bee does a very important job. It makes us the sweet honey for all of the foods we eat.

State Insect

State Tree

The Southern Live Oak is Georgia's state tree. This tree is also known as the Quercus virginiana.


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