Georgia (US)

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Georgia (US)

Georgia's State Capitol Building - Georgia's State Capitol is beautiful treasure for Georgia. - Built over a century ago. - The Capitol stands at the gateaway of Alanta. - Built with it's own state resources. -Georgia used their own resources because the wanted to symbolize their independence. - the dome is gold and holds a statue



World of Coca-Cola-For over 125 years Coca-Cola has been refreshing the world.-The place is like a amazing Coca Cola factory, tour place, gift shop, rides, and more.-Inside there is a loft, Coca Cola theater, vault of formulas, bottle works, and taste it.

This is a picture of a Brown Thrasher and Cherokee rose.

Georgia Facts Capital:AtlantaAbbrevation:GANickname:Peach StateFlower: Cherokee RoseBird: Brown ThrasherTree:Oak treeAnimal:Right Whales, Large mouth base

-Fish -tobbaco -corn- Shrimp - soy bean - oats-Pecan -wheat -grains -Hay - sweet potato -peaches -Potato

By: Aarathi Manchikalapudi

James Earl Carter-Was born on October 1, 1924- Was our 39th pesident.- President from 1977-1981- Was governer of Georgia in 1970.-Won the Noble Peace Prize in 2002.- Married Rosalynn Smith- Has 4 kids named:John William, James Earl, Daniel Jeffery, Amy Lynn.- Nickname was "Jimmy Carter."

Pictures of Soy Bean and Hay.

Georgia's Capitol building

James Earl Carter Jr

Famous Person

Famous place

Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Park- Includes where Martin Luther King jr grew up as a child.-The "I have a Dream' World Peace garden is in Georgia.- The garden is one of the major world peace garden.-The grave of Dr. King and Mrs. King can be seen from exactly across the street from the garden.

The Martin Luther King Historic Park

Fun Facts-Did you know James Earl is still alive and fighting cancer.-Did you know that Georgia was named after King George 2.

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Coca Cola Polar Bear

Thinking face

Tourist Attraction


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