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The year is 1732, the date, I cannot remember. I am at sea with James Oglethorpe and a group of 115 people. Our mission, is to establish a colony in the south of the Americas and create a stronghold to defend against the Spanish advance. The year is 1733 and we have finally Stood the first building of our colony, Georgia.My goodness, every day I swear a new group of people has settled here in Georgia, and so far James Oglethorpe has allowed all to stay, I do hope that this man is sensible in his acceptance. Just the other day I saw an African baptist church begin to take form, the new world brings great change!

Georgia has many things to offer for potential settlers. For example, I used to be poor and an outcast in Europe, hiding away, in fear of persecution for my religious beliefs. Now, living in Georgia, I have started my life over. Now, I am making a good amount of money on my farm, I can freely practice my religion, and I also know that I am helping out the other colonies by acting as a military barrier against the Spanish living in Florida.

It is the first winter, and I can hardly tell the difference! This a cake walk compared to the Winters back in England, I suspect we may even be able to farm year round. But, My neighbor has become sick with a ravenous cough and his family seems to have contracted it. I do hope he soon gets well and that this disease does not spread from house to house. I will be sure to avoid anyone with such a cough for the time being.

Georgia is wondrous, saturated with fine soil and fine people, our new life was easily started, and easier to maintain. I think I speak for all the fellow settlers when I speak dearly of our leader James Oglethorpe. He has expanded and defended Georgia and is as open minded as a leader can be without endangering his people, he has proposed a ban on alcohol and Slavery in Georgia and I have no doubt it will pass. This land is a dream, you can farm all year and their opportunity for anyone who may seek it. Everyone is allowed here with an exception of Catholics but who needs them?


Settle in

In Georgia, we have a different way of government. The trustees make all of the laws, but this arrangement is not intended to be permanent. But for the time being, sit back and relax, because you don’t have to take part and worry about a bunch of boring government stuff like voting and making laws. Wouldn’t you rather just work on the farm and spend time with your family? Because I know that I would.Slavery and alcohol is under ban, I can only imagine it is for the greater good of the people.

Recently, King George II granted a charter to start a colony between the Altamaha and Savannah rivers. The colony that I call home is known as Georgia, after the king. Here, we hast the freedom to chose religion, minus Catholicism of course, and hast all the rights of of Englishmen.

Here in Georgia, we believe that you have the right for life, liberty, property and happiness, there is freedom of the press, freedom of petition, no excessive bail and fines, and seven more things! Not only is the power vested in the people here in Georgia, but we stand for equality, opportunity, and all the rights ye deserve.Here in Georgia, we are known for producing goods on our farms. Most people who live here are farmers who tend to their land, with a rich planter here and there. The biggest crops we grow are cash crops such as tobacco, indigo, rice, sugar, corn, cotton, fruit, vegetables, grain, and we also raise livestock. We then some of the goods from the plantations and export them to the other colonies. Not only will living in Georgia allow you to make money off your crops, support yourself and family, and supply the other colonies with goods, but there is very little town life, which means you don’t have to deal with pesky children and other citizens.

James Oglethorpe


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