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Social Studies
American History

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TENANT FARMINGTenant farmers woned theor own animals,equiment, and supplies and because of that they recived more sof teh harvest.Since they got paiped and had to pay for rent but they usally have soem money left over.

A reason that georgia was being reconstucted is because of Sherman's March to the Sea. He waged war againist the south , he burnt crops, houses, businesses, and bent some of the railraods. It was called 'Sherman's Neckties'

SHAREDCROPPINGThey didnt get payed, they just got a small share of crops. Since the workers didnt ger money for rent , they'd give the owner their shared crop and also extra for the rent and supplies. The workers has no chnace f gettig their own land because they didnt get payed


KU KLUX KLANThe KKK is a terror group created by a confederate soidiers. It was used to create violence and fear tactics againist blacks.The Klan had success to get southern white Democrates elected. The Klan aslo used their fear tactics agianist Jews, Catholics, carpetbaggers, and scalawags.

Henry McNeal TurnerMcNeal was a African-American who was impacted as a religious leader and a Gerogia politican.26 other black legislator were oppose acceptance by the more than half white General Assembly.The US later supproted the legislators and tehy were allowed to go to the next legislative session

FREEDMEN'S BUREAUIts was created by the goverment . It was meant to provide food,clothing,education,and a job for all the freed blacks and the whites that became poor after the 13th amendment

CONGRESSIONAL RECONSTRUCTIONAll the Radical Republicans who controlled the US congress wanted to provied to all of it citizens but not just all the wealthy whites. In order to do this they had to ratify the 13,14,15th amendments to join the USA.The US provided finanical aid to rebulid everything

PRESIDENTAIL RECONSTRUCTIONWhen the South surrenderd during the civil war , Andrew Johnson wanted to bring back the confederate states back into the union.The paln wasnt strict and did give punishments to teh rebellious goverment but cause congress to make their own plan.

In 1865 slavery was ablosished by the 13th amendment.The 14th amendment granted citizenship meaning people that are born are given freedom and rights this amendment was ratified in 1868.The 15th amendment allow ayone to vote even by their race or color but they have to be males this amendment was ratified in 1870


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