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Five Geographical Regions Costal PlainsPidemontBlue RidgeRidge & ValleyAppalachian Plateau

Georgia Geography

Coatal Plains~Main Industries-peanuts,tobacco,vidalia onions~Major cities-Augusta,Savannah,Albany~Okefenokee Swamp- U.S. National Natural Landmark,Southeast Georgia.~Ports & Rivers- deep water ports provide 80,000 jobs and bring in 2 billion dollars annually.Barrier Islands-provides protection froms storms and waves.

Piedmont~Main Industries- granite,kaolin minreals.~Major Cities- Atlanta,Athens,Marietta.~Fall Line- seprates piedmont and costal plain, 20 miles wide.~Most populated region~Hartsfiled-Jackson- named after two former mayors, busiest airport in the world in 2006 In Atlanta.

Blue Ridge~Main Industries-marble,gold~Major Cities-Clayton,Brasstown Bald,Blue Ridge.~Brasstown Bald- highest peak is 4,784 ft~Part of Applachian Mountains~Tourism- Helen,Ga has a very srtong german infulance which is very unlike most of georgia and is sure to attract tourists.~Rivers-Savannah and Chattahoochee begin in Blue Ridge.

Ridge & Valley~Main Industries-apples,carpet captial.~Major cities- Dalton, Rome, Chatsworth.~Valleys are fertile and have lots of hardwood and evergreen forests.~Dalton is located in this region and is the carpet captial of the world~city of Ellijay is known for there apples.

Appalachian Plateau~Main Industries-coal~Major Cities- La Fayette, Trenton, Fort Ogethorpe~Smallest region, located in the Northwest corner~Applachian trail begins here~Appalachian Mountain Range extends from the island of Newfoundland at the northeast end of the mountain range through most of America’s Northeast states and North Georgia to central Alabama at the southwestern end. The Appalachians are subdivided into a series of mountain ranges and the south end of the Blue Ridge Mountains is in North Georgia.


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