Georgia Tourism, 8B1, Tobenna Egbochue

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Georgia Tourism, 8B1, Tobenna Egbochue

There are many great places in Georgia that you can visit; these are just a few.

Georgia Tourism 2014

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Stone Mountain is a famous natural site in Georgia. Known for its famous Confederate carving, this exposed granitite monolith is the not only the largest in the state or country, but it is the largest in the whole world.

Fort Pulaski is located in Savannah, Ga, and it was a fort used during the American Civil War. This fort was built strong and was meant to protect the Savannah River. However, this fort was invaded because of the Union's rifle cannons.

Georgia is home for many tourist spots. Places such as Fort Pulaski, Stone Mountain, The Atlanta Botanical Garden and more are located in Georgia. In the video to the right, you will see 4 major spots that are located right here in Georgia.

Many places await you in Georgia.


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