[2015] Sydney Coine: Georgia State symbols

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[2015] Sydney Coine: Georgia State symbols

Georgia state symobols

*Georgias state flag was offically made in 2003*Georgias state bird is the brown thrasher*Georgias state fruit is a peach, we are also known as the peach state *Our state motto is "Wisdom,Justice, Moderation"

*Georgia was named after king George the 2nd.*Georgia was granted statehood on January 2,1788.* It was first settled by James E. Oglethorpe, in June 1732.

Georgias state flag

Georgias state Bird the Brown ThrasherFrom google

Georgias state fruitThe PeachFrom google

Georgias state motto and seal"Wisdom, Justice, Moderation"From google

By: Sydney Coine


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