[2015] Sarah Daly: Georgia State Symbol

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[2015] Sarah Daly: Georgia State Symbol

Georgia State...Insect: honeybeeFlower: Cherokee roseVegetable: sweet vidalia onion

Georgia State Flag& Seal

Georgia State BirdBrown Thrasher

Georgia State Crop (peanut)Tree (live oak)

Georgia State Symbols

Hart county is the only county named after a woman in Georgia. Its after Nacy Hart for her heroine in the revolutionary war

Georgia State...Motto, wisdom, justice, and moderation Nickname, Empire State of the South & Peach StateSong, Georgia on my MindName Sake, King George the second of England

There are 350 bird species in Georgia

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Georgia alone produces one half of the worlds resin.

The biggest wild hog was found and killed in Georgia.


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