Georgia Reconstruction

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Georgia Reconstruction

Freedom's Bereau:A government organization created after the abolition of slavery to provide food, education, clothing, and job contracts for free blacks and poor whites.

Sharecropping:Used after the war when many african americans needed jobs and owed debt to plantation owners for borrowing money. The freed slave would work on the owner"s plantation to work off the debt and get a small amount of the crops produced. the Plantation owner would provide food, medicine, shelter, tools, seed, and fertilizer.

Henry McNeal Turner:(1834-1915)Turner was a minister and politican. With 26 other black legislators, he was denied acceptance by the majority white general assembly. After protesting and US support, they were allowed to participate in the second session.

Reconstuction Period

History of

Ku Klux Klan:the ku klux klan was a group of people directed against blacks, Catholics, Jews, and foreign-born people.


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