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Georgia O'keeffe

Georgia O'keeffe was born on November 15 1887- March 6 1986. she grew up on a farmhouse located in Sun Prarie wisconsin with her two parents. She started to teach art in the year 1912 in public schools then later on took a job as a commercial artist in chicago. the ones around her discouraged her so she dropped the idea of being an artist. She did not paint for about 4 years but was inspired to paint again because she finally realized that only she should be able make her own descions. Her parents were unsure about the idea but theyn began to understand how important this was to Georgia. She moved to New york to pursue her dream and moved on from there.


1887 - Georgia is born1905-Entered art institute of Chicago1918- moves to NY1924 - Marriage to Stieglitz1934- first summer in ghost ranch1946-Stieglitz1976- autobiographical picture book published1986-death of O'keeffe

Georgia accepted a job in a university to teach art courses. While she was there she met Stieglitz and he presented her artwork in museums which is how she got discovered and paid for for the paintings she created. They soon got married and Georgia became a professional artist after this experience and eventually people got influenced by her actions. Photographers paid Georgia to take photos of her in artistic views and to present them in a unique way. When she passed away, her body got cremated and she got several plaques written after her death in memorial.

Lasting Impact

Although O'keeffe is not here today she will still be honored for her inspiration to youth.


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Georgia O'keeffe



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