Georgia McCorkill Case Study

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Georgia McCorkill Case Study

Description of work

Georgia’s background and initial training is not readily available to the public.Currently, she is completing her PhD at RMIT University and is a senior lecturer. Her activist PhD practice, “The Red Carpet Project”, is raising awareness of environmental issues faced by the fashion industry through her statement dresses that are worn by celebrities. Recent achievements this gown worn by Winners and Losers actor Zoe Tuckwell-Smith and her project called “The Front Row” where she showcased dresses that could be reused.

Georgia McCorkill


By Georgia utilizing social media, the use of celebrities, stylists and media she has grown in popularity. However, she is an activist, only makes one-off pieces, is not widely known and doesn’t produce these dresses commercially, thus perhaps limiting her success in the mainstream commercial fashion market.

Entrepreneurialism & Factors contributing to/limiting success

Georgia strongly believes in green-fashion principals which include; education, laundering less, up cycling of materials, hand stitching to allow disassembly and reuse, sharing, dying using natural plant dyes and improving the products overall lifecycle.

Through her ongoing experiment the “Red Carpet Project” she is generating green-fashion awareness through the use of celebrities. This is a great way to change the current practices of the fashion industry and the public as it provides inspiration, insight and reasons to be environmentally conscience in fashion.


Activity: Create a poster showing the lifecycle of Georgia's dresses


Materials are “Up-cycled” as she sources high quality and interestingly shaped silk remnants sourced from local bridal designers. Materials are then hand dyed with natural plant dyes such as eucalyptus and hand stitched in a way that is both functional and decorative. She uses minimal tools in her designs such as scissors and hand sewing needles. This enables dresses to be disassembled and refitted to reuse.

Materials, tools and processes used:

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