Georgia history

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Georgia history

Georgia History

Prohibiting to free slaves will cause huge tension with slave owners and slaves.1829 Georgia prohibits education to slaves. Which means slaves had to go behind the slave owners backs and teach as much as they knew to their kids and if caught slaves were beaten. this may have caused riots by the black people.

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- Colonized in 1732 by James Edward Oglethorpe, Georgia was the last of the original thirteen English colonies.1733 - Georgia had four previous capital cities: Savannah (1733-1786), Augusta (1786-1795), Louisville (1796-1806), and Milledgeville (1807-1868). Atlanta became the capital in 1868.- On January 19, 1861, Georgia joined the Confederacy.1778—British troops capture Savannah during the Revolutionary War1788—Georgia becomes the 4th state1793—Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin1838—Cherokee and Creek Indians are forced from the state1861—Georgia secedes from the Union1863—Confederate victory in the Battle of Chickamauga1870—Georgia is permanently readmitted to the Union

They were rich in peaches tobacco lumber rice indigo and furs. They were very very wealthyBy 1870's, most fur trades had endedin 1783, British merchants in Montreal founded the north west company to complete with the Hudson bay company. They led many daring expeditions in search of fur in far western Canada, but the company failed because of their financial problems and merged with the Hudson bay company

Georgia had very little help when the Spanish were raiding and attacking their colonies. Georgia wanted/needed a strong government to help them with the fight, so Georgia readily sent four delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787. needing a stronger government to help with the war with the Spanish they were the fourth state to ratify the constitution

Georgia's economy was mostly based on the agricultural aspect until the 1900s. when the Civil War had occurred, it had caused a ton destruction throughout Georgia(after the war, it had taken Georgia a while to recover.) The "New South" was encouraged by Henry Grady which was to change the economic foundations of the state. Even with these efforts tho , Georgia remained poor.

1790-82,548; which was 2.1% of the U.s. population1800- 162,686 which was a 97% increase and made up 3.1% of the u.s. population 1810- 252, 433 which was a 55% increase and made up 3.5% of the u.s. population 1820-340, 989 which was a 35.1 increase and made up 3.5% of the u.s. population 1830- 516, 823 which was a 51.6 increase and made up 4.0% of the u.s. population1840- 691, 393 which was a 33.8 increase and made up 4.1 of the u.s. population 1850- 906, 185 which was a 31.1 increase and made up 3.9 of the us.s population1860 1, 057,286 which was a 16.7 increase and made up 3.4 of the u.s. population 1870- 1,184, 109 which was a 12.0 increase and made up 3.1of the u.s. population

1788 - Named for King George II of England, Georgia became the fourth state after ratifying the United States Constitution on January 2, 1788.

In the time period of 1788 to 1887 most of the people in Georgia had to walk or be in a horse drawn carriage to get around and see people and also during this time there was really not a form of communication other then the postal system or horses

Why was it named Georgia (Joe, Kyley)

Georgia Population ( Joe, Kyle )

Georgia's Economy 1788-1877 (Kyley)

How was geogia involved with the Constitution (Josh)

Position Slavery (Josh)

Georgia's Economy continued (Kyley)

Transportation and communication (Josie)

Basic History Facts and events ( Joe, Kyley, Josh)


By 1800, Georgia consisted of 24 counties. An explosion in the number soon followed, with 53 new counties creating during the following 27 years. In Dec. 1831, Georgia claimed authority over all Cherokee and Creek lands in Georgia. Twelve months later, the legislature designated all Cherokee lands within the state as "Cherokee County" (see map). This was a huge area that never really functioned as a county, so In in Dec. 1832 the legislature created ten counties out of Cherokee County – including a much smaller county by the same name. Georgia now had a total of 89 1875 counties in georgia were at 137 with no sight to stop adding so they prohibited the legislature to add any more to their state

Georgia is growing !! ( Josh, Joe)



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