Georgia (Founded in 1732)

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Georgia (Founded in 1732)


Charity had been the initial motivation for the Georgia movement, by 1732 military and economic considerations were the principal factors.


GeorgiaFounded in 1732the 13th Colony

James Oglethorpe(1696-1785)A former army officer, lead a group of colonists that landed in Savannah, Georgia in early 1733. He believed that it was his purpose in life to help the less fortunate of London. He was one of the 21 trustees to govern the new colony. James Oglethorpe supported efforts to expose and correct prison abuses. This gave him national attention. He did not support slavery.

Economic Aspects:Indigo,rice, and tobacco were the main economic aspects of Georgia during the 1700's time period.Timber was also an important part but not as big as the others.Cotton did not come along untill the cotton gin was created. Indian trade was also important to Georgia's economy.

Political Aspects:King George II gave James Oglethorpe a charter to create Georgia. Oglethorpe named the colony after King George II. The colony of Georgia had two main purposes. One was to allow debtors in prison to start over and provide religious freedom for protestants. The second was to provide military protection in the area against Spanish exploration from Florida and other eniemies close by. Oglethorpe helped negotiate trade with the local indian tribes. He believed that having a relationship with the local Indian tribes would help protect them from attack.. The twenty trustees did not trust the new colonists to make the laws. Instead, they made all of the decisions for the colony of Georgia. This was different from all of the surrounding colonies that had representaion in the decision of laws. This caused problems after several years in the settlement. They felt limited by the size of their land holdings and felt this would limit their ability to make a successful income.

Georgia was the southern most colony. It lay south of South Carolina and north of Spanish Florida.

Social Aspects:Georgia was dependent upon cash crops. These crops were primarily grown on large plantations. These plantations were fully self contained. The plantations had their own school,craftsman, and farm workers(slaves). Two classes, upper class(plantation owners) and lower class(workers). Slaves were considered property.

Identured Servants:An indentured servant is either a man,women, or boy(black or white) who works to pay off their debt. An indenurant servant worked mostly on plantations or farms. An indentured servant is much like a slave but are set free after they have payed themselves off. They did not get paid a wage for their hard work. This was a way to clear the streets of England with beggars and homeless people.


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