Georgia Colony

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Georgia Colony

1732 - 115 colonists go aboard the "Anne," off to Georgia1733 - James Oglethorpe & settlers begin 1st settlement1736 - Fort Fredrica built on St. Simons Island1737 - Oglethorpe sails to England, gets funds & 600 soldiers1740 - Georgia, South Carolina settlers & some Indians invade Spanish St. Augustine, captured one, got attacked, returned home w/ a lot less soldiers1741 - Georgia divides into 2 seperate parts1744 - stuggle to be successful, try crops, fail1751 - slavery officially allowed

1754 - John Reynolds appointed first royal governor1758 - divided into 8 churches : Christ Church, St. Matthews, St. George, St. Paul, St. Philip, St. John, St. Andrew, & St. James1762 - law passed that you must go to church on Sundays & not be able to go anywhere else1774 - trouble began between the colonies & Great Britain

- had one of the largest slave populations- became a state on January 2, 1788- has a warm climate all year long for easy planting- made a royal colony in 1755- Oglethorpe was governor for 12 years, while alcohol & slavery was banned

Colony Timeline

Main Facts

Slavery & Religion

- Georgians loved slavery - before, slavery banned by Oglethorpe - demand for slavery because of all the plantations - slavery eventually permitted in 1751- all religions allowed - except Catholism, which was banned in 1777

Location & Geography



- north of current Florida, south of South Carolina colony- PHYSICAL PROPERTIES - has "lush, fertile lands" that provided crops - many forests, wild animals, plants, and trees around it - mountains, rivers, and flatlands in the Georgia colony

- leader of the Yamacraw tribe- good friend of James Oglethorpe- allowed Georgian settlers to begin a settlement on his land

- the Georgia colony charter was granted on January 2, 1732 to General James Oglethorpe - charter finalized in June of the same year- colony established for those who were going to debtors' prison to give them a better lifeJobs : plantation owner (owned crops), cobbler (created or fixed shoes), blacksmith (made metal items), printer (printed books and newspapers), apothecary (provided medicines, gave treatments, and performed surguries)

Extra Facts

- established last, 50 years later- original name : Province of Georgia- major city : Savannah

The Georgia Colony

By Maya Wong


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