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Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat was born December 2nd 1859 in Paris. His father was Antoine Chrysostome Seurat, his brother was Émile Augustine, and his sister was Marie-Berthe. Seurat studied art at the Ecole Municipale de Sculpture et Dessin. He stopped painting for a year when he was sent to military academy. In 1883 Seurat created his first major painting, Bathers at Asnières. After Bathers at Asnières he painted some of his more famous paintings, like A Sunday Afternoon, and Circus Sideshow. His life came to an end on the 29th of March in 1891 due to one of these diseases, meningitis, pneumonia, infectious angina, and diphtheria.


My life was not an easy one, I had to go to an art school that was right across the street from my house. I wouldn't have been able to afford any paint if it wasn't for the school. My art career was stopped for a short while when I went into military training. After training I went back to painting and became very famous.

"All artists have their own techniques, mines just a little smoother that everyone elses."


Seurat was inspired by Chevreul, Chevreul wrote many books that Seurat would read for inspiration and advice.

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Favorite Music/Books

A Sunday Afternoon

12/2/1859 Birth Date 3/29/1891 Death

1. Smooth Jazz2. Beethoven3. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley4. Darude Sandstorm 5. Imoghen Heap- Hide and seek

1. Sketchbook2. American Sniper3.Dictionary

Seurat had two main types of techniques, smooth brush strokes, and dots

Some say they see science in my paintings; I see only poetry.


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